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Make Your Own Product Line

Calling All Scope Manufacturers How would you like to have your own product line of accessories, just like scope manufacturers, for your particular hunting area?  Out here in Tennessee, we don’t make 300+ yard shots to harvest big game.  We do tend to ambush our prey, because of the thick, ground vegetation.  If you were […]

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Gun Manufacturing – Explosive Growth, Collapsing Prices

Gun Manufacturing As gun manufacturing forges ahead into the future, what will it look like?  Will the government openly attack gun manufacturing and forcibly shut it down?  Will gun manufacturers be forced to sell their products at ever higher and higher prices due to oppressive regulations?  Will gun manufacturing survive, or will it face annihilation? […]

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BeowulfX Firearm Xessories

Here at Beowulfx (bay wolf x), we’re not just providing you a platform for mounting your favorite optics, laser or video to your weapon, we’re providing you an entire mounting system.  Think about all the variations of mounting platforms available, and then consider how many times you have to make accommodations for that new component […]

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