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Make Your Own Product Line

Calling All Scope Manufacturers How would you like to have your own product line of accessories, just like scope manufacturers, for your particular hunting area?  Out here in Tennessee, we don’t make 300+ yard shots to harvest big game.  We do tend to ambush our prey, because of the thick, ground vegetation.  If you were […]

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The Future of Rifle Scopes

The future of rifle scopes has always been one of removing the long list of variables (wind speed and direction, curvature of the earth, recoil, and human error caused by range miscalculation and jitter) required to achieve rounds on target.  Look at it this way, if all shooters have to do the same thing, over and […]

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Who’s Right – Eric Rudolph or Lila Rose?

Eric Rudolph or Lila Rose? You may recall the name Eric Rudolph, he’s one of the only few Christians (by his own admission, cradle Catholic) that considered himself to be a warrior against both the abortion and homosexual political agenda.  So were his actions correct?  Did he interpret scripture and make the right choices?  To […]

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Welcome! What We Have For You

Welcome!  BeowulfX Picatinny Rail Mounting System As a 27 year product designer with multiple patents, my CAD design skills and a passion for new product development, are bringing you the products you seek for your firearms.  Here at BeowulfX, I’m developing the products that are either missing from the market, or the current products are […]

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BeowulfX – Who We Are

BeowulfX Shooting Xessories Here at Beowulfx (pronounced bay-wolf-x), our mission is to first provide the finest shooting accessories, never before seen on the market, with an innovation that expands your shooting capabilities beyond what you thought to be possible.  Our second mission is to confirm the proper way to conduct your life as a responsible […]

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