Q:  What’s the big deal?  You have a picatinny rail mount, just like all the others.

  • A:  Wrong!  We have the only picatinny rail “system” that allows you to mount three devices (scope, laser, camera, light, etc …) onto your rifle’s picatinny rail.  All other mounts allow for just one or two devices, and the rest of your gear must attach to your hand guards.  This typical configuration makes your weapon poorly balanced, and will limit your capabilities.  The entire BeowulfX system only weighs in, fully configured for three devices, at 12 ounces.  The genius of this system are the Xrisers.  You can swap them out for taller or shorter, depending on your height, shooting style and stance.  We’re going to provide MOA (minutes-of-angle) Xrisers that will swap out with your Deluxe or Xtreme Rail packages.  Instead of buying an entirely new rail, which messes up your whole sighting system, you’ll simply add to your BeowulfX picatinny system, and keep all the other features you love about your BeowulfX mounts.

Q:  Can I customize these mounts?  For example, can I attach just two devices, say a scope and a light, with the scope on top, and the light on the right.

  • A:  Yes!  That’s the point of our mounts.  It’s a customizable solution, not just a quick fix that you must “settle” for, that implements your accessories exactly the way you want them.  Mount the scope on top, light on the right, or left.  There’s no bulky screws or those ridiculous “hand” knobs that are so large, they snag on everything and just get in your way.  Swap the side picatinny rail to the left side, or add the third rail for maximum performance.  It’s everything you can possibly do with your picatinny rail, in a system that is lighter than a single add-on mount from our competitors.

Q:  What are they made of?

  • A:  T651 Aluminum.  This grade of aluminum is as strong as steel, yet only half the weight.  At 3/8ths of an inch thick, they’ll never warp, break or crack, even in the harshest conditions.

Q:  Do you sell them through local retailers?

  • Not yet.  While I am not new to producing new products, and getting them into retail stores, this is a new product on the market.  It takes time to get the word out, and all new products undergo a “market” challenge.  Retailers don’t want to take on a product unless it has a good sales track record, and a solid customer base.  With your help, I will get these into all your favorite stores from Brownell’s, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Walmart and more.  I can’t make this happen without your sales, and your support on social networks, and forums.  One of the best ways to make this happen sooner than later, is to send these retailers an email.  Simply copy and paste the following into an email, or Facebook post, for these retailers to see.

As a BeowulfX customer, please review their website and consider them as a vendor for your store.  The BeowulfX picatinny mounting system is the only one of it’s kind in the world, and I love mine!  Please visit their online store:  www.beowulfx.com/shop/

Thank you and here’s their info.

BeowulfX Firearm Xessories

Q:  When will you have more components ready?

  • A:  The new Xrisers, and longer Xrails, will become available later next year.  As I roll out the basics, which cover most everything anyone might need, these additional components will be a must for specialty shooters.  Long range shooting with the MOA Xrisers will become easy for anyone with the simple purchase of the MOA Xriser model you need.  The longer Xrails will accommodate the largest high power scopes.  The tripod mounting plates will take a little more time, but they should be complete soon after the new Xrails and Xrisers.  Many people will not buy the tripod mounting plates because they’ve never had the opportunity to see how incredibly effective they are, but as time goes by, they’ll become more and more popular as the word gets out.  After all, who wouldn’t want to hit a target, nearly every time, at 1,000 yards?!?

Thank you for your support!  Please tell me what I can do for you.
Tom Beowulf

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